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Marketing Support when you need it

Welcome to Media 10

Some business considers that marketing is somewhat of a black art, others understand that marketing is the essential business tool that delivers understanding of your target audience, identifies their needs and matches goods and services to that requirement whilst building loyalty and trust.

At Media 10 we understand the importance of that relationship and work with our clients to deliver a marketing strategy that understands the effectiveness of your current activity together with the aims and aspirations of the business. We then develop a joint strategy that underpins a unique position for your product or service using all market channels.


Marketing Consultancy

No matter what the size of your business Media 10 can offer an extensive range of Marketing Support Services.

From simple advice to full delivery of marketing support we are there when you need us with a tailor made solution that will deliver the maximum impact for your business.

Pragmatic evaluation ensures we not only deliver the results you need to grow your business but set realistic targets within budget and measure success.

Let us take a no obligation look at your marketing and see if we can enhance your visibility and save you money.

Press & PR

At Media 10 we take the commitment, cost and complication out of PR and replaces it with an economical and flexible solution.

Whether you need a press release to be written and distributed, comment composed or a company newsletter drafted, Media 10 is a cost effective, swift addition to your in-house team.

PR is an essential marketing tool, especially in the current economic condition, but for many organisations, employing an expensive PR agency is an unaffordable luxury.  Some companies also cannot justify the cost of employing a full-time PR Executive or Communications Officer, but they still need the high profile that PR can provide.

Our Process

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  • Step 3

Evaluation of your business – As part of any marketing process it’s important to understand the effectiveness of your current activity, what works what could be improved and where you want the business to grow. If necessary we will undertake a comprehensive review of the business to fully understand what makes it tick.

Strategy – With in depth understanding of your business we can now formulate a comprehensive strategy that exploits a blend of the ‘marketing mix’ to maximise your external exposure.

Evaluation and Control – This is probably the most critical point of the process and will rigorously interrogate the delivery to measure Return on Investment, Customer Response and of course Sales.


Effective marketing support only when you need it. We can put together a tailored highly skilled team unique to achieve the results you need. Media 10, challenging the norm while creating solutions.


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