We here at Media 10 are proud to support our British Team heading for the Worlds in South Africa in March 2017.

The British BrandFuel ThunderCat Racing team of Bligh Julius and Charlie Hatfield are well into their close season training for a full out attack on the UIM P750 Pro Stock World Championship to be held at Cape Town, South Africa in March.

Fitness is a key element and Julius proudly told me that he has been venturing to his local gym in Lymington at least 3 times a week since the turn of the year coupled with a strict diet and a zero alcohol policy to ensure he will be a lean, mean, fighting machine by March.

Co-Driver Hatfield has been working out ‘on the job’, he has been competing around the World in another form of boat racing – Sailing.

Press: Powerboat Racing World.

Photos: © Sportography.tv and Sam Sheldon